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Second Lucy???

The name "Second Lucy", was Dana's idea. As a young boy, he listened to a newscast about Lucy, the oldest human remains ever discovered up to that point. One of the scientists was talking about trying to find a "second Lucy". It stuck in his mind and seemed the perfect name for our band.

Interestingly enough, they did find a second Lucy a couple years ago.

Prior to science, creation was (and still is in many people's minds) a religious matter: basically the belief that we were made in "God's" image and (at least in Western religions) had dominion over "all we saw" - land, other creatures, etc. Though science has, for the most part, accepted evolution as fact, the idea of "being special" transfered over from its religious roots. Until quite recently, popular scientific opinion was that humans were unique in our evolution from other species. It was widely believed that modern Homo Sapiens evolved from one single strain of bipedal primate (Lucy's descendants); it was accepted that there was only one branch in our "evolutionary tree".

This contrasted sharply to observations that every other species on the planet evolved in simultaneous and often parallel paths. To put it another way, there wasn't just one strain of cat that appeared, from which all other cats descended, but rather, multiple instances of cat appeared at roughly the same time. These separate strains of cat then developed into the various species and subspecies we know today (or became extinct along the way).

When they discovered the second Lucy, scientists determined that she was an entirely different species from the first Lucy and dated to approximately the same era. They had lived on the planet at roughly the same time! This was proof that there was more than one strain of hominid in our evolutionary past. So, we are not special after all - no better and no worse than any other creature that has ever evolved on this beautiful planet. It doesn't seem like we are "God's chosen ones" after all - just products of natural selection like all the other animals. This seems both humbling and reassuring at the same time.

It is not yet know if modern humans evolved from the first or second Lucy - or a third yet undiscovered.

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