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Rings Around The Moon (Demo)

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and 2004 Second Lucy


How do you breathe
    through the smoke of all the hopes you've burned
All that was once innate to you
    has been unlearned
And where were you
    when you knew that innocence was lost
Said goodbye to the child
    and turned the nightlight off

When I have turned to dust and blown away from here
I will mingle with the atmosphere
When lovers look into the sky as lovers do
They will see me turning rings around the moon

Love aint blind
It's just veiled behind your mind
You can seek and never find
It can pass you by in the time it takes to try

You can let go of yourself and the things you were taught to believe
If you'd stop holding your breath you can begin to breathe
If there is a path at all to the place we're going to
Maybe I'll see you turning rings around the moon

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