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  For the first time finally I've been able to hear some of the songs complete with full instrumentation. Rahul laid down lots of tracks this past Saturday and Sunday nights, and it's helped cement my perspective on the progress of things. It's interesting that songs like 'Boro' that I thought would be so much work are coming off easily, while songs like 'Stars' and 'Automobile' that I thought would just flow naturally are proving to be quite difficult to capture and reproduce.

I took last night off to rest, so I'm back on it tonight - hopefully to complete edits on Stars's rhythm tracks and replay my guitars AGAIN. The last tracks I did were too grungy.

Amazing how hard it's been to get my guitar sounds throughout this project. Rahul's sounds came much more easily, not that he wasn't quite particular. He's got great sounds, and I even got to lend him a couple of my fuzz pedals.
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