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  Been at this nearly every night since I got the computer back up and running, except one night to take Steph out for her birthday (which was very nice indeed), and one day to install my new UAD-1e dsp card. I can't wait to start mixing so I can use all those delicious new UA plug-ins!

The computer is operating pretty much without fault (see title of entry above). My ailing left arm is giving me fits, so thank science for non-linear recording!!! as I'm playing for shit. Tonight I pieced together the bits of last night's guitar tracks. I must say, 'My Only Witness' is sounding almost exactly as it does in my head. So, that's huge! Yeah, my head is, but I meant this rare and momentous occassion of me being pleased with the sound of the recording.

Rahul's coming up this weekend to lay tracks. Poor Rahul - my abode is a disgrace. All I do is record, so my kitchen counter is a living garden of dirty dishes while my soiled laundry has taken over the living room. I caught a pair of my underwear blasting the stereo and drinking my port wine! Little bastard! I really must get to the laundy soon.

Which reminds me, I'm sitting here in my last clean pair as I type this. Better go.
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