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  Hi Kiddies! Uncle D here!

What? You want an update without any tech speak? Okay, well,........ um.... er....

Been editing bass tracks all weekend. Laid down a bunch of guitars Friday night but realized the bass needed some tweaks, so I spent all yesterday afternoon and so far today editing the bass on Stars and Boro. Stars sounds great! and Boro is, well, Boro - not quite the song as I intended it, but should be cool. So I'll put down fresh guitars on both of those tonight and hopefully they'll be moving forward.

My AC15 has been working much better than the AC30 pile o' crap. so that's good. Rahul was going to come up this weekend to start his parts, but we decided to wait on him. At this pace, this CD's clearly not getting delivered before late March. I've stopped even talking about it since the setbacks just keep mounting. But I've cleared my personal calendar to work on this constantly until it's done. Sucks to have a day job right now. At least I've got a supportive and enthusiastic g-friend. Her 14 year old cat just died - it's very sad but she died at home with her, so that's nice.
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