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  Now that the holidays are past, I'm finally back to recording. I've lost the last two evenings trying once again to find a decent guitar sound. And damned if I didn't finally solve the problem -- the AC30CCH head is a heap o' shit! Totally unrecordable. After hours of ruthlessly twisting knobs, exchanging tubes, alternating channels and anything else I could think of, I finally pulled out my AC15TBRX and plugged it into the 212 Vox cab miked exactly as it was with the AC30, and POOF! there like magic was MY sound. Son of a BITCH! So, I had to disable one of the speakers in the cab since the AC15 only has an 8 ohm out, but that was easily done. Miked it with the Royer R121 and an SM57, both near center out 6 inches. Sounds gorgeous. Tomorrow, I'm finally off and recording. What a relief -- or will something else turn to shit?
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