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  First of all, Todd is a gushing little girl (see 'Field Trip') and that's why I love him. I wouldn't be doing this without him.

So, what the hell AM I doing?! December's turned out to be the month of learning. And that's about it. After that week of recording at the end of November, we decided the bass tracks need to be even better, so we scrapped pretty much all the bass and guitars we'd done up to that point. Maury returned to the studio and put down some solid new bass tracks on six songs, and we're all thrilled that he did. Totally worth it! And that's pretty much where we stand right now. With Christmas and all its distractions impending, I haven't managed to get too involved in this since I can't give it 100%. Or that's the best excuse I can come up with.

In the mean time, I discovered that I have this awesome mic in my arsenal that I hadn't been using...a very cool 60's vintage RCA BK-5B ribbon mic. A little research comprised of way too many obsessive hours of Googling revealed that the BK-5B can be quite exceptional for recording electric guitar, among other things. They were designed for the motion picture industry in the 50's to pick up multiple actors across a sound stage, with a special blast filter built in to handle a gunshot at 5 feet! Which is why you can shove it up against a guitar amp and not damage it. So I spent an evening cleaning away 40 years of abuse and neglect, rewired it properly, but alas the ribbon element was totally shot, which is to be expected. Ribbons are very delicate and short-lived. So, I found a gentleman who is probably the last surviving engineer from RCA's long-closed mic division, and sent my poor mic to him for restoration. With some luck, I'll have it back right after Christmas and find out if it's totally awesome or not. I'm hoping it'll replace the SM57 I've got up against the speaker grill, and provide that golden touch I've been looking for. I've tried just about every other mic I have including some older Shures, a couple modern condensers, even some really old EV's and Altecs. So far though, the SM57 is the best for close up.

So,... sorry friends. I have no music for you yet. The week after Christmas the band will be reconvening to get ready for New Year's Eve at Siberia. It'll be nice to play for you all in person!!

And then January will be THE month for recording!
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