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  This week has been... a good start. Not so productive in terms of shear output, but it's put me on a proper course. I'm feeling not so much like an artist, but more like I'm merely collecting and analyzing the past years' worth of musical data and painstakingly logging it all into the computer. So I'm proceding with reluctant diligence and just hoping for the creative spark to catch.

Wednesday, the meticulous engineer in me did an exhaustive analysis of mic positions and finally arrived at an "optimal" setup for recording my Vox. The result produced such an improvement, I HAD to re-cut all the parts I'd done to that point. Rahul's bringing his gear up tomorrow, so we'll get to go through it all with his shit too. FUN FUN FUN!

I'm finding out just how out of practice I am, vocally and guitar playingally. However, I'm EXCELLING as an engineer!!Artistically speaking, this is a terrible time for me to be recording. Tendonitis and carpal tunnel continue to plague my playing, and I've barely sung in weeks. With all that and supremely average musical skills, I'm all too conscious that I've created parts that are far beyond my actual abilties as a performer.

So, thank Science for Pro Tools! If it all comes out good, I shall not apologize for the "artificial" means I'm employing here in my best attempt to simulate an organic-sounding performance within an entirely fake space. Afterall, the ultimate goal is to portray to the listener all the beauty and ugliness that's in my soul, and goddammit I'll use any means possible to achieve that.
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