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  Taking a break. I was on a path to getting a great take of "Stars" but my hand started locking up. Anyway - I think I have a good sound, but I'll find out tomorrow after my ears have cleared.

I wish I was just cranking out emo or blues of something. Christ! I thought indie rock was supposed to be all about simplicity - I'm tweaking relentlessly here to make this sound right for you guys.

Okay - it's really for me - I'm never satisfied, right? Whatever. My god it's loud though! - I'm wearing earplugs under the headphones with the headphones cranked just to keep up with the loudness of the amp! I can feel the bass from the headphones shaking my skull!

For the curious and/or technically inclined - I switched my AC30CCH (Vox AC30 head) to the "HOT" bias setting and that seemed to have cleared up some of the crackling noises. I also repositioned my mics a hair to de-emphasize the fizz that seems to emanate from the dead center of the speaker cone. I used my new Menatone Red Snapper pedal as a clean boost pushing the KOT yellow channel and recorded a couple of songs, but I may go back and do them with the Full-Drive 2 instead of the Snapper. Just two different colors - hard to tell which one's right until I hear the full mix. The Snapper is warmer and more full range while the FD2 is more woody with less bass and emphasized mids. Either way, I'm using the amp's natural tube overdrive instead of relying on the pedals for grit and dirt - as it should be. The pedals are just there for color and tone shaping. I'll try to post a picture of the setup soon.

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