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  Sunday afternoon. Just got up and coffee's a wonderful thing. Spent too much of last night's session fighting my guitar sound. Funny how your gear can sound perfect to the ear and turn to shit in front of a mic. Microphones do funny things. Since my room is so full of rattling noises, I'm forced to close-mic only using my Royer R121 and an SM57, but I remember having a similar problem when we recorded at Pyramid - and they had 3 mics all placed a good distance away and off axis so I don't think that's the problem. I'm having a fizzing, crackly noise problem that seems to trace to my treasured Analog Man KOT (King of Tone) overdrive pedal - I love its red channel because it's SO touch sensitive - clean and round when I lay back and bites hard when I dig in. But it appears to generate this subtle unmusical grit and fizz that's exagerated through the amp and mics. I've ruled out bad speakers, the mics, the preamps, and all the other pedals. Part of it may just be the transparent nature of the Vox AC30CCH amp and Celestion Blue speakers - very hifi and unforgiving. I'll try a few different amp settings tonight, but I think the KOT red channel is out. Too bad - it's a huge part of my sound. I hit the wall at 4:00 AM trying to record 'Boro,' and I nearly lost it and cut off all my hair but I stopped myself, drank a Sierra Nevada and went to sleep around 5:00.

Rock and Roll is not pretty. It's fucking difficult. Not much fun at the moment, but it's still better than working.
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