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  That was fantastic! 25 hours of straight drumming! Tracks sound great - did 13. The original 11 plus 'Now I Have To' and 'Inside'. Now I Have To is an experimental diddy and Inside is something we recorded once in rehearsal a long time ago and never re-visited until now. Not sure where those are headed but am looking forward to hearing them after the rest of the band puts their tracks down. The feeling and quality of these bed tracks is better than I had hoped for. I knew they'd be good but didn't expect them to be this good. Great energy and the feel is just right. Am so excited and really feel like we're back on the right path again. Didn't feel pressure or angst or anything like that. I mean I had to concentrate and do it right, but it was more like 'this is great, I can do it better', rather than, 'sounds good, next...' We really went for how it should be rather than just good enough. Many thanks to Josh who really made the session smooth and comfortable - what a pro. Totally recommend him and Seaside Lounge.
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