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Back in the saddle
  Well here we are again... Recording drums.

Dana and I are at Seaside Lounge Recording Studios in Brooklyn. Great place, laid back and easy feeling going on. Looking forward to getting the tracks down again after not being happy with them from the last go around. I feel like it's a chance to start over and do it our way. The way it should have been before.

Josh is our engineer and is a drummer himself. It's great because we spoke about drum sounds and he just 'gets it'. We've got a Frankinsteined kit going on and it sounds great. My massive kick drum, cymbals and Pork Pie snare, an old Singerland rack tom (sparkle silver) and a clear vintage Ludwig Vistalite floor tom. The vibe is good, the kit sounds kickass, and Dana just got back from dropping off the van. Gentlemen, start your engines!!
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